Following the success of the annual Wrap Up London coat collection held in November each year, 2017 will mark the inaugural year of our second annual campaign: Brighten Up London. Held between 17th April and 19th May, Brighten Up London will focus on the environment within the City. There are several projects planned involving hundreds of volunteers. Everyone can take part. This could be as simple as bringing a plant into your place of work, helping a neighbor or tidying up a small green space in your local community. The vision for the campaign is to empower volunteers to make London a brighter place by bringing together small acts and celebrating these achievements together. 850 people came together to collect 22,500 warm coats last winter. What could we all do together for our green spaces!
So many people have asked us if there is something they can collectively do for the community during the summer. During Wrap Up London, hundreds of individuals came together to do something amazing together – we hope that Brighten Up London offers that second opportunity.