To fulfill the needs of the community we serve, we work with corporations like yours to arrange volunteering opportunities.

For all your employees, from your top management to the whole London office, we can organise the projects that serve both you and the community. We aim to offer you our highest quality service and finding the right project may take a bit more time and effort, so we ask for at least two months notice, especially for larger groups.

Since 2010, we have provided flexible volunteering for individuals and supported over 200 small local charities. As a result, we have built lasting relationships with many of these charities, enabling our corporate groups to volunteer for projects that have an impact locally, developing a flexible programme of activities that meets the needs of each participant and creating a really rewarding experience.

Keeping these relationships strong and lasting requires dedicated work, enabling us to bring you and our partner charities and community groups the greatest opportunities that ultimately have the desired impact.

We charge a fee to our corporate partners for arranging their chosen volunteering opportunity. This enables us to provide you with our highest level of service and includes any resources required (food, tools, etc), it also allows us to have a presence at your volunteering day to ensure everything goes without a hitch! Your money also contributes to some of our other charitable activities, such as Individual Volunteering and Wrap Up London.

Many employers and staff are choosing to become involved in their local community. By partnering with Hands on London you can accomplish this with ease; understanding the needs and interests of your company and employees is the exploration / discovery stage. We are then able to tailor a programme that rewards all those involved.

If you are interested in organising a corporate volunteering day with us that meets the needs of your CSR programme, please get in touch [email protected]

Over the past few months, we have been working towards delivering the best volunteering opportunities possible to support our non-profit partners during the COVID-19 pandemic and to begin to #Reconnect. We’ve had such an incredible show of support from volunteers, and it is our role to harness that goodwill and the wide range of skills and resources on offer.

We have 3 areas in which we are looking to focus our Corporate volunteering activities. The first is focused on our older people’s organisations, all of whom have older clients who are very isolated due to the current global pandemic. We would love to have groups of volunteers create fun sessions to help re-engage the older members and provide them with an open, social space and whilst having fun.

The second area is focused on reconnecting with nature and so all the opportunities are led outside, in a local park or garden in London. These will be led by HandsOn London and our environmental partners who have COVID-19 guidelines in place to ensure the volunteer experience is safe and well managed.

The final area is around opportunities that can be carried out on a small or large scale for teams who may wish to volunteer remotely at different times. We want to be able to provide a platform that encourages teams to reconnect, whilst also supporting the London community.

If you would like to receive our COVID-19 Response Documents for corporate volunteers and the measurements in place to keep volunteers safe, please email [email protected]