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"We had a fantastic time and we all enjoyed ourselves. It totally changes the stigma about homeless people. A lot of people came and everyone pitched in. It makes you think we could all do more!"


"It was great! I had a lovely time. The next time I'm down in London, I'll definitely do more volunteering through HandsOn London."

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Charity Feedback

For the past 3 year we have received good quality second hand coats from Wrap Up London. The coats have made an enormous difference to the homeless who come to our soup kitchens. Fabulous charity! Life Savers!

Companions of the Order of Malta

Individual Volunteering

I wanted to send you a huge well done on the project so far this year. The organisation of it all was second to none. The team leaders at London Bridge were all fab. So helpful and cheerful.


Charity Feedback

In the current pandemic, Crisis at Christmas is now even more vitally important than ever before. It is only with the continued support of generous organisations such as yourselves that we are able to run this essential project.

Crisis at Christmas

Charity Feedback

Fast58 have for the last 3 years been able to distribute warm coats to male/females due to the kind distribution of this scheme. Each year over a 100 people receive these warm coats because of the work of Wrap Up London enabling them to survive the cold winter weather in what are challenging difficult situations for them.

Fast 58

Charity Feedback

This has been great help to us over the years. We have been getting the coats from you for some time now and our residents are so grateful for them. This is one of the things that they always look forward to knowing that this time of year they will be getting a lovely coat to keep them warm. We can’t thank you enough for the donations that we get from Wrap Up London. I hope that this carries on for many more years to come.

Edward Gibbons House

Individual Volunteering

Everything went really well, I quickly got to know most of the elderly people in attendance, and for them, it seemed really beneficial. Simple things like to sitting and having a chat with them I could tell were valued as many of them live alone and don't get the opportunity to talk to people so often! (Blackfriars Settlement)


Charity Feedback

Many of our members rely heavily on your donations, helping them get through the winter months. Your donations really do make our clients feel cared for, and it is always wonderful to see them so happy with their new coats.

240 Project

Charity Feedback

We received a donation from you last year and it made an enormous difference to our residents – thank you! Not only do the coats provide warmth but because they are all of good quality and in great condition, the process of accessing them is a positive, esteem-boosting experience.

St Mungo’s North London Women’s Project

Individual Volunteering

It went really well, thank you. The guests are extremely sweet and lovely, very pleased to have started volunteering there. I will definitely come back again :) (Blackfriars Settlement)


Charity Feedback

Keep the lovely volunteers coming as they have all been a great help and for those that would like to continue to volunteer with us have built lovely friendships with some of the learners.

Abbey CC

Charity Feedback

It has been a busy week as we supported 18 families yesterday so a total of 35 over the two sessions. We can not support a single family without your support and time so thank you so so much. What you do makes such a difference to so many people.

Little Village, Camden

Individual Volunteering

The welfare project went well, and the people there are terrific. I was glad to help out today. Thanks for coordinating this. (Sanktus)