Our Team

Meet the team and find out about their favourite volunteering experiences!

Jon Meech
Chief Executive Officer
Every year I volunteer on Christmas day and cook for a charity supporting elderly people. Helping people who are usually very isolated take part in the Christmas spirit and enjoy what others take for granted brings me a lot of joy!
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Cassandra Wales
Project & Volunteer Coordinator - Green Space Specialist
I love being outdoors in nature, and love animals and the changes of the seasons. I think volunteering is a wholesome and fun way of giving back and making a difference!
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Alex Birkett
Corporate Accounts and Project Manager
I’m not a Londoner, but I am constantly inspired and encouraged by the people who I meet on this job. Whether that’s an individual giving up their free time on the weekend, a hard-working corporate volunteer team, or the countless committed staff of the charities we work with, it’s a privilege to spend my time connecting them all.
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Colin Gordon
Volunteer Coordinator
I have been involved in volunteering in London since 2015 and despite my advanced years, I am constantly energised by the enthusiasm demonstrated by the many volunteer teams I am lucky enough to work with.  
I particularly enjoy being engaged with volunteering in community gardens and kitchens where so many vulnerable groups are directly benefiting from the efforts of the kind souls who run these facilities.

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Lee Milliam
Charity Relationship & Fundraising Manager
I really like it when people challenge
themselves and do something they would not normally do in their daily work. I see how a small challenge can work towards building confidence and self-esteem.
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Hayley Colman
Corporate Accounts & Senior PM 

I enjoy projects involving cooking for and
spending time with the older communities.

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Georgina George
Finance Manager
I love planting and cooking projects!
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Elizabeth Grier Menager
Founder / Trustee
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Kamela Dollani
Finance Officer

I like planting flowers to attract the bees and creating new habitats for insects.
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Peter Jonas
Chair of Trustees
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Amelia Byers
Project lead

Working at HandsOn London, I get to support positive change in our local community and empower others to get involved too. I particularly enjoy volunteer projects involving  the elder community. It's a pleasure to lead and encourage enthusiastic volunteers to participate in an act of kindness to improve an older person's day.

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The Trustees
Rachael Walls
Susana Garwood
Carolyn Kaiser
Nisha Aggarwal
Madeleine Sugden
WrapUp London Team
Stephanie Connor
Deputy Team Leader, Committee Member
Judith Garwood
Social Media Lead, Committee Member
Amy Grant
Deputy Team Leader, Committee Member, Media Lead
Carl Hartelius
Deputy Team Leader, Committee Member, Logistics
Ben Penty
Deputy Team Leader
Mary Wallbank
Independent Examiner
Special Thanks
Elena Spiers
Graphic Designer