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We are no longer collecting coats for WrapUp London 2021. Watch this space for information on WrapUp London 2022!

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Get coats to those who need them

In an ideal world we wouldn't need to collect coats to keep people warm. But the charities we work with need our help more than ever. Every November, we bring together hundreds of Londoners to collect, sort and distribute coats to charities and projects supporting service users. A coat doesn't only provide warmth, it is often a gateway for someone to access services to help them get back on their feet

Now over 10 years old, WrapUp London has become one of the largest winter volunteering events in the city and a true celebration of just what can be achieved when people are willing to give their time.

Sadly the number of people living in crisis in the city is rising, particularly those who are young and homeless. Wrap Up London shows the power that Londoners have when they come together as a community to help those most in need.

In 2021, our volunteers collected, sorted and distributed 17,698 warm winter coats to over 100 community projects across London.

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What's it like volunteering for WrapUp London?

Tube Station Collection Volunteers

'Whilst at Waterloo station one year, a gentleman was walking past and I engaged into a conversation with him about who we were and what we were doing and to my surprise he emptied his pockets , took off his coat and donated right there and then. It was such a nice selfless thing for him to do ! He had indirectly made a difference and his old coat will get a new life.'

Sid K

'Being able to help an organisation like Wrap up London gave me back my sense of helping others and trying to make a difference in whatever way you can. Even ifit’s just a couple of hours of you time in a day or some old coats you don’twear anymore, it all adds in to making a huge difference to those in need. Andnow more than ever I think if we have the ability to help others facinghardship then we should try to. I will definitely be making wrap up London oneof the annual organisations I help out.'

Monica McGhee

Community Collection Volunteers

'Running an office collection enabled us to collect many more coats than we'd expected. We had a box by the entrance that filled up quickly, and these were collected by WrapUp with ease.

I found out about WrapUp via word of mouth. My colleagues knew about it and I myself have donated independently prior.

Getting in touch with customer service was easy as well as organising a collection from the office.

Our office would definitely do this again in the future.'

Sasha Platt, MarketingExecutive, Emperor Works

Coat Sorting Volunteers

‘2021 was the second year that Taboola has been involved in sending volunteers to help with Wrap Up London's Coat Drive.

As the organizer I have found this charity tobe extremely accommodating and excellent at communicating.

We chose to spread our volunteers over threedays this year to suit a variety of work schedules and that flexibility wasvery much appreciated by the team.

The work itself was very fulfilling as you can see the impact you are making in real time.

We plan to continue ourpartnership into 2022.'

Claire Mullarkey, Senior Media Sales Manager, Taboola

'Our team spent a morning volunteering with Wrap Up London. The WrapUp team were incredibly welcoming and were able to share the history and impact the campaign makes each year. Our team loved being able to sort through, fix, clean and bagthe coats. It was an amazing experience to share together, everyone felt that they were giving back to something that is really important and making a real difference each year. We plan to be back next year!'

Conor Howell-Harte, CreativeContent Producer, Live Union

Transport Volunteers

‘This is the second year I have supported HandsOnLondon’s campaign. It’s aim and purpose is clear - to help keep homeless people warm; and collaborating with other charities and food banks ina holistic approach to the complex issues of homelessness. My efforts are small but I’m told, helpful. The campaign team including the awesome Erika and Matt provided details and checked in regularly.

I volunteered on weekends and weekdays; my employer helped with a volunteering day. I really enjoyed discovering new areas of London. It was a real Mini adventure and amazing how much you can get in, collecting from the sorting hub in Battersea and later dropping off to charities across the city.

Will definitely help again next year. Thank you HandsOn London for the opportunity to help in this small way. If you have an employer who encourages volunteering like mine, please join us!”

Usha Choli

Your support makes a HUGE difference...

‘We have worked with WrapUpLondon for two years now, we value and appreciate our partnership. Our customers greatly benefit from their kindness and generosity. I approached HandsOn London for support for our homeless service in Arlington, I have never looked backed.

Working with the team has been a joy, nothing is too much and if they can help they will as they know how important simple acts of kindness are, to the people we support.

You can see the smiles on our customers’ faces, this was replicated in many services.  We have customers who would not even think of buying a warm coat as they need to eat, or pay a bill.  So this donation is valued and welcomed, weare very happy this partnership exists, thank you for supporting us.’

One Housing Group LTD, Linda Kelly, CustomerPartnerships and Sponsorship Manager

'JRS UK wanted to extend a huge thank you to Hands On London for the years of support through your winter coats drive which have benefited hundreds of our refugee friends.

Each winter it has been a joy to sort through and present the winter coats you’ve collected to our refugee friends. The provision of warmth, comfort and dignity through the coats has meant so much to our refugee friends. We have seen them enjoy choosing a coat for themselves and family members, with the chance to try on different styles, sizes and colours to suit their preference. This is an opportunity taken for granted so often by many of us, but for our friends it is an exciting and eagerly anticipated activity. Without an income or right to work, our friends don’t always have the means to purchase a coat in time for the cold winter weather.

Many of our friends have left our Day Centre with a broad smile on their face, some peace of mind and the encouragement to face the harsh winters in London. One refugee friend last year ran to the bathroom to apply some make up once she had chosen her coat, as she felt she needed to match the way she felt in her new jacket!

The joy you bring to our friends is priceless, so thank you very, very much for your support of our refugee friends!'

Megan Knowles, Communications and Development Manager, JRS

'The coats were of a very high standard and clients are very happy. They make a big difference keeping our clients warm during the winter months and also removing an extrafinancial concern of finding the money to purchase a coat during the winter when many have no income.’

Richard Mallon, WelfareCo–Ordinator, Sanktus Welfare Project

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