During the summer, our Brighten Up London Campaign inspires over 2,600 people to enhance London’s Green Spaces, Community Gardens, Parks and Charity Farms. Our volunteers create new spaces, improve existing ones and make our city a better place for everyone.

During November, we all come together for Wrap Up London. Having just completed its 10th Year, the campaign has collected and distributed over 158,000 warm coats for those most in need. Almost entirely volunteer lead, the campaign attracts support from across the country and has inspired volunteers in 24 Towns and cities to launch their own collection as part of the growing Wrap Up Family.

We are so proud of everyone that comes together to make these projects happen and to support those most in need in our communities.




We are so thankful for the support of our many partners, in particular William Blair.

We are also very thankful to receive grant support from Two Magpies and The National Lottery Fund. Without their support our work would not be possible.

What we’re all about…

To Inspire and Empower people to Be The Change they want to see
To promote volunteering and community service as a central aspect of life in London.
To provide more flexible and convenient volunteer opportunities for busy Londoners.
To create innovative, high-impact ways of making valuable contributions to people’s lives.
To offer diverse volunteer opportunities, which address a wide variety of issues such as: poverty, education, youth, disability and the environment.
To support charity/community groups and corporate partners with volunteer project design and implementation.
To provide a high-quality experience for each volunteer, charity and businesses that works with us.
We work with charities to recruit volunteers for their existing activities and also to recruit and manage volunteers for new projects to improve and extend their core work.
We provide a Project Team Leader for each group volunteer activity. These leaders act as coordinators, liaising with the volunteers and charities, handling logistics and taking part in the volunteer activity to ensure the project runs smoothly.
Flexibility is a key aspect in each volunteer activity. We provide convenient opportunities for busy volunteers with limited time.

There is no long-term commitment and volunteers can register and sign up for activities online through the HOL website, where they can view volunteer opportunities for many different charities in one place; easy and time saving!

While flexibility is important, so is the quality of the experience for our volunteers and charity partners.

We strive to provide meaningful, ‘hands-on’ activities and most of our projects involve some direct interaction with the charity beneficiaries, through socialising, playing games or learning a new skill. We always aim for a positive impact on the charities we work with, their beneficiaries and our volunteers.

Our partner charity and community groups

Children’s groups 45
Outdoor activities 75
Homeless charities 92
Charities and community groups for the elderly 60
Rehabilitiation charities 50
Mental health groups 34